“Kaydan” – 32’ x 13.5’ Pocket Seiner / Jitney

This boat was designed and built for a commercial seiner that wanted a modern Jitney that could be shallow and pack a large volume of fish when needed.  This pocket seiner has all the rigging components and deck gear of a full size commercial seiner, but can operate in 12 inches of water to catch fish.  It is also set up with a full size hydraulic system to be able to haul a seine in quickly and purse fast when needed, as well as having a fold down mast and trailerable design so it can be transported down the road system.  This Jitney has been proven to be a very efficient and competitive seining platform for many fisheries around Alaska.


  • Hull Length: 32′
  • Overall Length: 32’’
  • Beam/Width: 13’6”
  • Hull deadrise at transom:  5 degrees
  • Power: Single Suzuki DF300 hp outboard
  • Fuel Capacity: 150 gallons – one tank
  • Hull Construction: ¼” 5086 bottom / 3/16” 5086 sides


  • Top speed: 18 mph
  • Cruising speed:  12 mph
  • Cruising Range:   150 miles
  • Fuel Economy: 1 mpg @ cruise


  • Diesel Hydraulic Power pack with keel cooling and 40 gallon hydraulic tank
  • 25,000-30,000# fish hold capacity
  • Full seine rigging with deck winch, purse davits, power block, main boom and picking boom with winches
  • Electronics compliment:  Garmin electronics system
  • Outboard jack plate and power assist steering